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Are socially-sourced insights powerful enough to drive behaviour change?

Social listening tools can help us identify trigger points and build insight-driven campaigns, writes Social Senior Account Manager, Maria Bain.

There is a wealth of conversations happening all day, every day on social media, just waiting to be probed.

It’s already well-established that social media success is built on insight; you need to identify what matters to users, what engages them and what motivates them.

Are they looking to be entertained or educated, do they want to share their opinion or simply interact with friends and family?

Similarly, if social channels are part of a behaviour change campaign, you need to ensure your campaign messaging, creative platform and targeting structure all trigger something personal with your target users.

Social listening tools such as Brandwatch not only give us insight into conversations happening across the digital landscape, they can help us spot conversations that aren’t happening – there  might be healthy conversations we can actively start.

And by listening in on existing social conversations, we can start to identify those sought-after behaviour change trigger points.

For example, if we want patients to feel more empowered, and to take control of their condition, we would carry out some social listening to identify the ways in which living with the condition affects patients’ everyday lives in their own words.

We would then build patient-centric campaign messages, social content and calls to action around these conversations, making the campaign relevant and personal to users (and therefore more likely to motivate genuine behaviour change).

Sometimes it’s not about leading the conversation on social media, but taking a step back, listening and identifying just where you can add the most value for your audience.

Interested in learning more about how social listening could help you create campaigns that drive behaviour change?

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is a Senior Account Manager in Pegasus's digital team. Her forte is understanding social communities, how they tick and how to engage them with compelling content.