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Are Snapchat ads friendlier than we think?

Don’t be too hasty to dismiss a platform that has more reach than you might think and some new toys to play with, writes Senior Account Manager Maria Bain.

Snapchat. The fast-paced, non-stop, wonderful world of Snapchat. If you’re not familiar with the platform then you’re probably not one of its 13–24-year-old target audience.

Many businesses have already written off Snapchat for the simple fact that it doesn’t reach their target demographic. But they may have been too hasty; did you know 77% of Snapchat’s UK audience is over 18 and 43% of these over 18s are parents?

It’s understandable that some marketers feel uneasy about a platform that may feel intimidating or an additional drain on time.

But wait! Snapchat just got a little bit more accessible to marketers … here’s everything you need to know about Snapchat’s new ad formats and ad targeting options.

Sponsored lens ad format

Augmented-reality graphics can be fixed to a person’s face or their surroundings and include animations that can be triggered when someone opens their mouth, raises their eyebrows, smiles or puckers up for a kiss. You can also create a 360-degree effect by attaching a World Lens to their Sponsored Lens campaigns so users can augment their own surroundings with their phone’s rear-facing camera.

Sponsored geo filter

Users can place illustrated overlays on top of the photos and videos they share privately in messages with friends, or publicly as posts added to their stories.

Snap Ad

A vertical video, 10 seconds long, that appears across a range of Snapchat’s content features. These Snap Ads can use one of four types of attachments that you swipe up to view. The attachments can be articles, app Installs, long-form video or website visits. Snapchat offers four ad-targeting categories that use its own audience data to direct ads. The categories are: demographics, location, device or snap lifestyle group (such as “adventure seekers,” “beauty mavens” or “do-it-yourselfers”). Snapchat also offers ways advertisers can apply their own data for ad targeting, but these targeting options are only available for Snap Ads. 

Snap Audience Match

Allows advertisers to provide Snapchat with a list of email addresses or mobile advertising identifiers that Snapchat matches to users’ accounts. Lookalike Audiences – Allows Snapchat to take advertisers’ Snap Audience Match lists and target people who aren’t in those lists, but have similar characteristics, such as age, location and interests. Snap

Engagement Audiences

Allows Snapchat to retarget the people who previously interacted with a brand’s ad on Snapchat.

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is a Senior Account Manager in Pegasus's digital team. Her forte is understanding social communities, how they tick and how to engage them with compelling content.