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A Virtual Reality Check


We recently took delivery of a shiny VIVE VR kit and it’s already proving a huge hit in the office, writes Stuart Hehir, Creative Director.

Much has been talked about the potential for VR in health – and beyond – and the explosion of related entries at last year’s Cannes Lions Health was testament to its increasing popularity. But when it came to the awards, only a handful stood out. Why? Because in too many cases, the judging panel believed that they were using the technology for the sake of it, not because it was necessarily right for the brief or the experience.

One – a migraine simulator – caught my eye, though. It was designed to deliver an experience for those living with a sufferer, and gave family and friends a small glimpse into just how debilitating migraines can be for their loved one.

The experiments were filmed, alongside interviews between participants and their family members, to see if it had changed their perspective. These films formed part of a wider digital push to reach even more people. In every case, the experience evoked a new (or reinforced an existing) level of genuine empathy – something I feel is often lacking in healthcare (more on that next month).

It was a simple idea, and a good reminder that we’re drawn to new tech like moths to a flame. But in our sector, the real impact of any technology is when it goes beyond being a fun or quirky distraction and delivers an impactful experience that truly changes the way someone thinks, feels or acts. 

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