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Does a Mobile-First Approach Guarantee Business Success?

Digital Account Director Alix Tenneson attended Urban Airship’s Mobile Growth conference and came away wondering if a robust mobile marketing strategy really is the silver bullet some believe it to be.

It’s not uncommon for mobile marketers to quote stats about the growth and power of mobile to prove the importance of the channel. And so many of us have heard that 65% of digital media is consumed on mobile, 30% of all online purchases now take place on mobile, while and apps convert three times more product viewers than mobile web.

So, every company should turn its attention to mobile and build an app, right? Well, not necessarily.

Although consumer appetite for mobile continues to grow, the statistic you’re less likely to hear from a mobile marketer is that in most countries, multi-platform dominates digital activity. Some 60% of UK users like to switch up their digital experience between mobile and desktop, and this figure is even higher in the US and European markets.

Consumers want it to be effortless for them to move between desktop, mobile and offline brand touchpoints. They expect the experience to be seamless, integrated and delightfully smart. When they add an item to their wishlist on their phone using the app, they expect it to show on the website and vice versa. And they want it all to happen in real-time.

What this tells us is that mobile is undeniably a key channel for growth, but investment in mobile will only drive growth when it’s part of an omni-channel strategy.

With this in mind, you might be surprised to hear a stat quoted by Jon Marris of Boots at the Mobile Growth Conference. He said only 11% of retailers have a ‘sophisticated’ omni-channel strategy and a further 34% consider their strategy to be in its infancy. This means 55% of UK retailers aren’t yet investing in an omni-channel approach.

There is a distinct danger that this 55% will soon find themselves significantly behind the curve. Companies who have a whole host of channel-specific plans, but no overarching strategy spanning all digital and offline channels, may wake up one morning to find they’ve been entirely outmanoeuvred by their competitors.

The good news is that it’s not too late to become part of that 11% of sophisticated omni-channel marketers and avoid being a late-adopter.

There is an exciting opportunity for our clients to get ahead of the competition and drive mobile growth by designing and delivering a truly omni-channel experience for their customers.

is a Digital Account Director at Pegasus. She has over 7 years’ experience managing digital estates and developing winning digital strategies for international brands.