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How To Make Your Digital Content Convert

Blogs, ebooks, emails, social media posts, videos, AdWords, infographics, animations, case studies, websites …  oh and have you considered an on-demand Snapchat geofilter yet? Regardless of the channel, you’ll need to sharpen your content if you want people to take action, writes Paul Edge, Senior Digital Marketing Manager.

In the spirit of best practice, I’m going to keep it simple. Here, I’ve set out five introductory principles of digital marketing conversion. I hope they’re helpful. 

  1. Write for your audience. Write for the customer, not the brand and ask yourself “why should anyone care or take notice?”. Don’t just tell people about your campaign or offer, tell them about the benefit.  Your audience wants to know what’s in it for them.
  1. Keep it simple. Think about your main business objective, write it down and make that the focus of your activity. Don’t try to squeeze in multiple calls to action, they will overwhelm people and, before you know it, they’re back on Instagram and the chance for conversion has passed.
  1. Don’t make people think. Steve Krug’s website user experience bible ‘Don’t Make Me Think’ explains that, as a rule, people don’t like to puzzle over how to do things and don’t have time to waste online. So make it easy, have a straightforward message and guide them to the call to action.
  1. Make it personal. It’s always important to try to personalise your copy (that’s not just adding someone’s name to the welcome note). Where possible, make your message relevant to the last interaction. If it’s an email to a database, then what did you talk about last time? What did you ask people to do, and more importantly did they do it? Those who took action deserve some respect. Create an engaged segment, tweak your copy and show some love.
  1. Measure what you do. If you’re sure you’ve written the perfect social media post or email subject line, put it to the test. Keep a track of engagement, and benchmark it against your last. Measurement and tracking will tell you if you’ve hit your targets, but more importantly you’ll know what your audience likes and dislikes, increasing your chances of conversion.

If you are looking for advice on improving the conversion of your digital marketing, then you can contact Paul on pedge@thisispegasus.co.uk.

is a Digital Account Director with over six years experience making engaging digital content convert.