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The Science of PR – A Year of Inspiring Healthy Decisions

It’s been almost a year since the Pegasus pharma team was bolstered by the recruitment of four master’s graduates and a medical writer. As one of this new intake, JC Cooper reflects on this fast-approaching anniversary.

I can’t believe we have spent a whole year supporting each other through the challenges, and celebrating the triumphs of this dynamic and fast-paced world of integrated communications.

I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that PR was not a career I’d considered when embarking upon my degree all those years ago. But reading the company bio, I came to feel that every aspect of the job corresponded to my passions and played to my strengths as a science graduate; clear communication of scientific and medical research, creativity, and above all, a passion for inspiring healthy decisions.

Nearly a year on, I’m glad I took the decision to work here. Armed with knowledge from my degree and office administration skills from previous jobs as a student (along with some killer moves from a brief stint dressing in a shark costume for kids’ marine education) I was somewhat apprehensive taking the leap into the unknown world of PR. I didn’t mention the costume part of that job in the interview, funnily enough.

Now I know I needn’t have been worried. The supportive team I found myself in, full of inspiring people striving to achieve the best results each day, has provided exactly what I needed to kick-start my career in healthcare communications. I’ve had the chance to pick the brains of some of the brightest people in Brighton, from professional planners to senior designers, and learn from people with 30+ years in the field.

The influx of scientific minds into the department added an extra level of medical and practical knowledge to an already strong and capable team. By having the ability to provide this additional support and knowledge, above-and-beyond standard PR and communications, Pegasus really is on operating a different level to other healthcare agencies. 

Looking back on a year of significant growth and learning, I am truly excited for what the next year will bring. Every day there is a new challenge, and while it’s hard work, I’m having a lot of fun (and I’m happy to say that shark costume is long gone).

is a Research Masters Postgraduate with a special interest in Medical and Scientific Communications. He joined Pegasus' Pharma team in 2016.