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A pint of Copper Hop and two packets of data

Being Sussex born and bred, Pegasus was a name familiar to me long before I considered taking a work-leap out of London.

The tipping point for me, though, was when a bunch of advertising bods I know began discussing the agency’s set-up and its work in the same breath as some truly notable, cross-sector consultancies. This shift, from a pharma comms perspective at least, occurred extremely quickly.

Before I knew what had happened, there was now – as attested by PR Week’s recent assessment – a new type of healthcare consultancy second only to the size of Edelman’s just moments from some of my favourite hometown pubs.

So on arrival, having moved myself and my life to the coast, I was massively relieved to discover that most of these pubs still existed. I was also pleased to find, along with benefits that exceed those of most London agencies, that my new company more than lived up to its external reputation.

“To produce globally-recognised work and blur sector and discipline boundaries…”

In at the deep end with a new business pitch to deliver in my first fortnight, it quickly became apparent that Pegasus really had become a fully integrated marketing communications operation. To produce globally-recognised work and blur sector and discipline boundaries, the agency genuinely does function in a way that no other outfit in the health sector has quite managed to match.

‘Inspiring healthy decisions’ is the only rule. The way communication is delivered to audiences simply needs to be the most creative and effective combination of routes, all underpinned by solid, insight-led planning – not just research but actual, advertising-style planning with a capital P.

In a post-print era where traditional media alone can’t reach the audiences and shift the mindsets it used to, here at Pegasus it is still a crucial part of the mix, but a mix that now seamlessly blends social media, mobile platforms, online and TV advertising and ambient activity.

And this isn’t simply lip service (read: extensive freelance support) paid to creativity or ‘doing digital’, either. Right now I’m sitting next to a fully paid-up developer colleague who’s deep in code as I try to figure out how to check my word count on this thing.

Turns out I’ve got just enough space to say: if you fancy a beer to discuss taking that leap out of London, you’ll find me in the Albert.

I also read email.

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