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Healthy beauty trend predictions

Probiotics, boyfriend brows and sauerkraut – just some of the healthy beauty trends we have to look forward to in 2018. Senior Account Director Juliet Cornwell compiles the predictions our panel of healthy beauty experts are making for the coming year.

Skincare from the inside out

‘Microbiome’ will be the 2018 buzzword in skincare, according to consultant dermatologist Justine Hextall.

“We understand the connection between gut and skin health better than ever, and people will look for ways to protect and balance the skin barrier with a view to maintaining a healthy microbiome.

“Addressing gut bacteria and considering topical creams will be just some of these ways. 2018 will also see a greater focus on skin texture (not volume) as people realise it’s actually having dull skin with, for example, uneven pigmentation, enlarged pores and thread veins that makes skin look older,” explains Justine. 

Feeding outer beauty

Kale is dead, long live Kohlrabi! It’s a cabbage turnip that Helen Bond, dietician for The Harley Medical Group says will be the next superfood staple.

“And it’s also time for coconut oil to make way as avocado oil is taking over,” she predicts, adding that hybrid fruits, crossbred to maximise size and taste, are likely to hit grocers’ shelves to meet our demand for plant-based diets.

“We’ll see the introduction of Plumcots (plum/apricot), Tayberries (blackberry/raspberry), Biancoli (cauliflower/broccoli) and Tangelo (Tangerine/grapefruit).”

But it’s not all about exotic new hybrids. The more conventional walnut is also set to return.

“These wrinkly wonders are set for a comeback in 2018,” says Helen, “thanks in part to their high omega-3 fat content. And Sauerkraut has stepped into the limelight thanks to its virtues as a probiotic for boosting gut health.”

The skincare-haircare connection

Skincare trends will continue to migrate over to haircare, says stylist and Viviscal expert Neil Moodie.

“These markets are really crossing over right now – people are realising the two are very much in tune with each other.”

A recent Viviscal report found that consumers are starting to see their scalp as a continuation of their skin, with ‘hair health’ subject to the same influences shaping skincare. “The effects of things like pollution are a really big conversation in skincare now, so it’ll be really interesting to see how that translates into hair care,” says report contributor and trends analyst Victoria Buchanan.

Boyfriend brows

It’s not just healthy hair that’s in the spotlight; next year will be about thicker, bigger brows too. The beauty obsession of the decade shows no signs of slowing down, with most of us spending an average of £200 a year on eyebrow grooming.*

Many of this year’s catwalks showcased a more natural, bushy look.  It’s already been dubbed the ‘boyfriend brow’ by High Definition Brows, who predict it will be the key look for 2018.

“The boyfriend brow is all about an undone and textured finish,” explains elite brow trainer Jamie Long from High Definition Brows.

“Bulbs should be brushed up, the centre of the brow should be gradually feathered and the tails are neat. Make your brow hairs fall like a line of dominos – gradually!”

 *The Guardian, Lauren Cochrane, 27 October 2016

Contours make way for blush draping

Building on the key foundation of healthy skin, celebrity and COLLECTION cosmetics make-up artist Francesca Neill says it’s time to replace your contour with blush.

“Blush draping is a huge trend for spring-summer next year. It’s really beautiful and soft, and gives a colourful playful twist to the makeup.”  

Similar to contouring, it’s about working with the natural structure of your cheekbones to lift, sculpt or add volume. But swapping out the bronzed effect of contouring for blush achieves a made-up ‘done’ look.

“Slightly sweaty looking skin will also be a big trend,” according to Francesca. “It’s all about beautiful, youthful, paired back, glossy skin that oozes radiance,” she explains.


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is a Senior Account Director on the Healthy Beauty team. Juliet has over 10 years experience in beauty, health and fashion PR.