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Beauty in an Omnichannel Age

People can buy products in a myriad of different ways and through a plethora of channels. To help understand the implications for the beauty sector, our healthy beauty team has produced a new trends report, “Beauty in an Omnichannel Age”.

Co-authored with Imogen Matthews, writer of the IMA Premium Market reports, the report looks at the ‘omnichannel’ concept and discusses the strategies beauty brands and retailers are using to better their businesses. 

The report includes the latest data on retail and online beauty, discusses the role of digital channels and looks at why the high street is, and probably always will be, the centrepiece for beauty retail. It contains exclusive insights from brands who have been tasked with solving the ‘omnichallenge’.

Drawing on Imogen’s deep knowledge of the industry, Pegasus’ award-winning work with beauty brands and case studies from some of the world’s foremost beauty brands, this report has been designed to help make the most of the opportunity omnichannel presents.

To request a copy of this exclusive trends report, please email beautynewbiz@thisispegasus.co.uk